We have established a modern manufacturing plant dedicated to the production of Tara Gum, for the food industry, and Tara Powder, for the leather market.
  • It is highly hydrophilic: retains a large amount of water.
  • In the food industry it gives a better texture and consistency to food.
  • Exponential increase in viscosity with increasing concentration.
  • Neutral polysaccharide, which is practically unchanged by electrolytes.
  • Stability at pH> 3, unstable in strong acid media.
  • Stability in frozen and defrost process.
  • Interactivity with other hydrocolloids. This creates a synergy and depending on the type of mix can create positive effects on the consistency and flexibility of the product, high stability to frost and defrost. Tara gum in combination with carrageenan or Xanthan gum could create a very soft gel structure.
  • Easy to dissolve in cold.
  • The tara gum releases better flavor than all other food thickening agents available in market.
  • Low dose.
  • Tasteless and odorless.
  • Natural and smooth flow.
  • Tara gum releases freeze-thaw stability by averting the making of ice crystals in ice creams.